Please see below questions for frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not on this list, feel free to email us at contact@verylaine.com
Am I able to cancel my order? Once an order is placed, we are unable to make any modifications including cancellations.
Am I able to add to my order? Once an order is placed, we cannot make any additions, changes or modifications to the order.
Do you offer in store pickup? At this time we are not offering in store pick up. We run a large operation and if we let every single person that asks to do store pick come and pick up, it becomes disruptive to our processes of getting orders in and out.
I ordered the wrong size, may I change it? We are unable to make modifications to an order once it has been placed. Once you receive it, you can return it to us and then we will issue an e-giftcard to use to purchase the correct item.
How long does it usually take? Very Laine items are custom printed to order. The turn around time for orders varies day by day depending on if you ordered during a sale, holiday delays and items in you order. Some items we print in bulk and some are individually printed depending on popularity. Please allow ample amount of time to receive your order as we are currently unable to predict how long orders will take. 
May I combine my orders? Unfortunately, we cannot combine orders.
My package shows it is in pre-shipment, why? When we receive orders, we print them off with their packing slip and shipping label. We then begin the process of ordering the shirts for your order, waiting for them to arrive and then getting the tees to print. Your tracking number may show “in pre-shipment” for several days or a week depending on how long it takes to get your items printed. Your tracking number will update as soon as the carrier has scanned it in. Please do not be alarmed by a long “pre-shipment” period.
My tracking # says "ready for pickup?" This is part of our shipping process, no need to worry. We print all shipping labels that have a packing slip attached which tells our printers what to print. Your package will show ready for pickup or in pre-shipment until your items have printed, been packaged and been scanned in by the carrier. This process will take longer in our busier times of the year. 
Am I able to get a refund? We do not offer refunds as all items are FINAL SALE. Our items are custom printed; therefore, we do not do exchanges or refunds.
My account says my order is fulfilled but I have not received it yet? When an order says fulfilled that means we have moved it from the "unfulfilled"position and created a shipping label and packing slip for your order. Your order will then move to the production cycle where tees will be put with your order, sent to print and then packaged. Your order may say "unfulfilled" for a few days until our production cycle is able to move to the next batch of orders. It also may say "fulfilled" for a few days as it waits to be pushed through the production cycle. 
My shipping address is incorrect, how do I change it? Unfortunately, we are unable to modify anything about an order once it is placed. Your package may be returned back to us and in this case you will be responsible to email and pay an $8 return shipping charge. We will hold non-returnable merchandise or packages returned by the shipping carrier for 14 days. After 14 days, the items will be returned to our warehouse and an e-giftcard will be issued to the email we have on file.
My package is lost or stolen, what do I do? We would recommend checking your tracking number located in your shipping confirmation e-mail to ensure that the package has been marked as delivered, and we would also recommend double checking the shipping address on the e-mail to make sure it is correct. Before contacting us, please check to make sure your mail carrier did not do any of the following:
    •    Put your package in your mailbox
    •    Leave your package at your back door or in your garage
    •    Leave your package with your neighbors or with whoever opened the door at your address
    •    Leave your package with the front office or front desk if you live in an apartment, dorm, or gated community
    •    Leave your package in your post office box, or in a parcel locker at your local post office, or at a parcel locker in your neighborhood
If you have a package that is missing, we want to do everything within our power to help you find resolution. However, depending on the circumstances, this may take several days as we need to open a claim with the delivery company and communicate with them to determine a root cause. Please contact us with your order information and we will begin the process.
What to do if something in my order is damaged? If you have received an item with any problems or defects, please contact our facility at contact@verylaine.com within 3 DAYS after delivery to inform us of the issue. If we are not notified within 3 days of you receiving the item, then it will no longer qualify for a return or replacement. You must include a photo of the damage/defect with your email. We are not responsible for damages to clothing (or any other items, including jewelry) caused by improper care or handling, wear or incorrect sizing.
I received the wrong items, what do I do? Sometimes we make mistakes and send the wrong items. If you feel you received the wrong items, please contact us at contact@verylaine.com so we can send you the correct items. Please include a photo of your packing slip and the items that were received.
When will I receive my order? Depending on the items you order, some items go out quicker than others depending on if it has items we keep in stock or if we custom print to order (which is what most of our items are). Please allow plenty of time to get your order. Sometimes it may take 2 or so weeks to get a custom order due to the holidays, COVID-19 and order volumes.
Do your items run true to size? We always try to include in the description if the item is not true to size. Otherwise, it is unisex sizing and true to size.
Do you offer free shipping? Yes. We offer free shipping for orders with a subtotal of $50 or more.
My shirts arrived but have a vinegar scent to them, what is that? Our DTG (digital) printing machines spray a solution onto the tee as the design is being printed. Without this solution, the design could not be printed. Sometimes the solution has a vinegar-like scent but will go away after a wash! :)
Why is my coupon not working? Make sure the items you are trying to apply the coupon to are not already on sale. Coupons will only work for regular priced items. If your coupon is still not working, it may have been a daily promotion or the code expired. If you feel the code should be working, email us at contact@verylaine.com
Why was I charged twice? We know what a scary feeling that is! Luckily, your card should only be charged once when your order is submitted. If you just placed your order, what you are seeing on your bank account is an authorization. This is a common bank practice handling debit/credit card transactions to ensure sufficient funds and account authenticity. This authorization will clear (depending on your bank, usually within 48 - 72 hours.) If you need help speeding up the process, you can contact the issuing bank of your debit/credit card. To make sure your card doesn’t accidentally get run twice, please only click the "Place Order" button once!
I did not press submit but I was charged, why? This is very uncommon but has happened when customers type in their PayPal information and then back out of the website. PayPal sees this as you completing the purchase but the purchase will not come through to us until SUBMIT ORDER has been clicked on our website. The PayPal charge should drop off within several days. If it does not, please contact us at contact@verylaine.com.
I have not received a confirmation? As soon as your order is submitted, you will receive an email confirmation to the email address you entered on your order. If, for some reason, you didn’t get an email, please check your spam folder. You may not have received a confirmation if an email was not provided or if the address was incorrect or had a typo.